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Terms and Conditions:


  1. Refunds

    1. No refunds will be given within 4 weeks of the planned activity. (Holiday insurance is recommended).

    2. All refunds requested before this 4-week period will be processed in full. (Excluding a £25 processing fee.)


2.0 Changes of Plan.

2.1 Your guide maintains the right to change the planned activity at any point during the contracted period. Reasons for plan changes may include any of the following: inclement weather, inappropriate clothing/ equipment, safety concerns, forgotten medication/ an undeclared medical condition that might present a safety concern, coronavirus, war or an act of god. Success is never a guarantee, however we will always do our best to optimise your chances or come up with a suitable alternative. In the event that alternatives are declined a refund will not be issued.

2.2 Coronavirus. In the event of Covid-19 affecting your booking you shall be refunded in full.


3.0 Participants

     3.1 All participants should be over the age of 18.

     3.2 Minors and vulnerable persons, all staff have PVG's, but all participants under the age of 18 need to be in direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian whilst on activity.

    3.3 All Participants agree to follow directions and decisions of the guide(s)/ instructor(s). If you fail to follow instructions you absolve yourself of our responsibility.

    3.4 All Participants must fill out a "Participant Disclaimer."If the participant is under the age of 18 this must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian. 


4.0 Payment.

      4.1 Courses require a £100 deposit.

      4.2 Payment should be made in full within 1 month of the planned activity.


5.0 Insurance

      5.1 It is recommended that you take out personal accident insurance for the planned activity. (BMC)

     5.2 It is recommended that you take out holiday insurance to cover any losses, should your activity be cancelled for any reason


6.0 Photos. The leader remains the right to use any photos taken throughout the day for promotional material. If you do not wish for your photos to be used please opt out on the “Participation Disclaimer.”

7.0 Privacy. All collated client medicals and photos (if requested) will be deleted within 24hrs of activity. 

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